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Total Finish

Bathroom resurfacing

Our Total finish service enables to create bathroom items in ANY colour you require.

We simply send the item to the re surfacing factory and they change it to any colour we request and return it to us, this process usually takes


4 weeks.

They come complete with a colour finish 3 year warranty and can last as long as 20 years!

How it works:

Total Finish uses a high volume low pressure spray equipment to achieve a smooth finish and high gloss. Specialised turbines and low pressure

delivery systems are used in the process. Solvent fumes are removed by fan-forced evacuation through flexible ducting to the atmosphere.

We as standard apply 1 base coat and 3 layers of ‘Classic Enamel’ coating, the coating should not significantly yellow or discolour over time.

It should be flexible enough so it will not crack with thermal expansion and contraction created by hot/cold water or, in the case of fibreglass and acrylic,

not crack with movement of the underlying surface.

The coating should not naturally break down and become dull over time, provided it is cleaned properly.

It is corrosion and acid resistant so the strong chemicals that are often used to clean plugged drains or to clean dirty and mildew-covered tile grout

will not affect the refinished surface, however, if this is left on for long periods of time it can ‘etch’ the surface.

If you have any more questions regarding this please give is a call on 01246 550199 or email us on totalbathrooms@btconnect.com